Williamsburg Beauty Spa

Go Green With Williamsburg Beauty Spa

Go Green With Williamsburg Beauty Spa

Come celebrate with us, one of New York only eco-friendly Day spa. At Williamsburg Beauty Spa we support beautiful skin care products that are eco-friendly and kind to the environment. We are committed to being the industry leader in keeping our planet green and have always been concerned about the environment. Since our opening we have pride our self with only using organic products and following all green practices. Williamsburg Beauty Spa is constantly looking for ways to reduce its carbon footprint, from the production of products to how they are packaged.

We scrutinize our products for the highest quality organic ingredients. All of them contain no petrochemical derivatives, with natural ingredients that are good enough to eat! Our products address a variety of skin concerns such as premature aging and wrinkling, sun damage, acne and loss of vitality and radiance.

Our EminenceĀ® Organics line is a complete line of beauty essentials containing the highest level of organically-grown herbs, fruits and vegetables. Products are hand-made in Hungary using all-natural ingredients and pure waters from a thermal hot spring.