Williamsburg Beauty Spa

Hands and Feet

Hands and Feet

Smith & Cult Manicure


Smith & Cult Pedicure

Shellac Manicure $37.00& UP
Spa Manicure $20.00
Spa French Manicure $25.00
Hand Scrub and Mask $10.00
Nails Polish Change Manicure $10.00

Williamsburg Signature Soft Calluses Pedicure

Natural Callus Eliminator formula is the fast and effective solution to even the toughest of calluses.  Breaks calluses down in just 3-5 minutes NO CUTTING ! dermatologist and podiatrist recommended.

Shellac Pedicure $50.00
Spa Pedicure $35.00
Spa French Pedicure $45.00

Pedicure Polish Change


NEW! Shellac French Manicure $40.00
NEW! Shellac French Pedicure

Shellac Removal


Add $5 More to Price for any RGB Colors

We use personalize kit for Pedicure & Manicure !!!

Come in and get a pedicure in our Lenox pedicure chair it has an elegant combination of form and function with an excellent engineering encapsulated in an exquisite outer design. Our pedicure chair come with two Sanijet "Sealess" Whirlpool. Which provides clean and effective whirlpool experience. Pedicure spa has sual motors for massage mechanism making it durable and reliable without sacrifice of real massage experience.


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Quick Tips for successful use of CND Shellac:

1. Always use Shellac as a SYSTEM. Using Shellac Base Coat, Color Coat and Top Coat along with the CND (or Brisa) UV Lamp will provide perfect synergy for optimum wear.
a. Substituting any part of the system will result in diminished performance.
b. Substituting another lamp will result in insufficient cure, which reduces durability and length of wear. The UV output of the CND lamp is specifically calibrated to the system and Shellac formulas for proper cure.

2. Proper removal using the Shellac Remover Wraps will help keep your client’s nails gorgeous and healthy! Regular soaking in bowls of acetone or utilizing cotton & foil to remove Shellac will dry out and weaken the nail structure and overexpose the surrounding skin. The advantage of using the Shellac Remover Wraps includes the following:
a. The integrated cotton pad on the Wrap isolates the acetone to the nail plate…not the skin.
b. The plastic liner in the Wrap will help to hold in warmth that will accelerate removal.
c. Pulling the Wrap from the nail helps slide away the Shellac pieces for a tidy, meticulous removal RGB is a product line dedicated solely to nail color and care. RGB creates nail color as an extension of one's wardrobe; we use color as an accessory. It started with the RGB Ten collection: ten iconic colors with a modern edge. Each shade is our sharp take on a classic with a straightforward name to match. While the classic ten will always remain the same, new colors are added seasonally. The chip-resistant and high shine formula is free of harmful chemicals. There is no Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP (dibutyl phthalate), Formaldehyde Resin, or Camphor in RGB products.

All RGB products are cruelty free and made in the USA