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Williamsburg Beauty Spa | Week Of Beauty Starting on October 17th Organics Facial -$70 Custom tailored for women & men both, this facial brings toge

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Williamsburg Beauty Spa | Week Of Beauty Starting on October 17th


Organics Facial -$70

Custom tailored for women & men both, this facial brings together the finest organic fruits, vegetables & herbs to deliver the most potent & active treatment. Pure vitamin infusions deliver naturally glowing healthy skin that releases your inner radiance. The facial is customized to target your specific skin concerns.Get a complete facial with cleansing, exfoliation, delicate extraction, soothing massage.


Arctic Berry Peel -$70

Breaks down and removes dead skin cells. Skin clarity and texture improved. Removes and evens skin tone and assists with hyper pigmentation. Very strong antioxidant and age-defying benefits. Skin is dramatically refined and smoothed. Collagen formation is boosted and skin is firmed and plumped. Less inflammation and less redness. Keep your skin radiant in-between spa treatments with this innovative 3-step peel and peptide system which awakens the skin’s natural inner beauty using an exquisite blend of arctic berries, lingonberry seed oil and hibiscus seed extract.

Skin Type: All Skin Types, including Sensitive .


Botanical Oxygen Treatment -$70

This specialized beauty treatment is designed to replenish the levels of oxygen in your skin, smoothing out wrinkles and restoring a youthful appearance to your face. Several celebrities tout the amazing benefits of oxygen facials. Madonna swears by them, and even Kate Middleton is rumored to have had an oxygen facial before the royal wedding.

Promotes collagen production – The infusion of oxygen and vitamins into the skin encourages the production of collagen, which helps plump up facial features and restore volume and firmness to skin that has lost elasticity.

Helps detox the skin – Everyday toxins like air pollution and cigarette smoke rob the skin of much-needed oxygen. An oxygen facial helps reverse the effects of environmental pollutants and rejuvenates oxygen-starved skin.

Speeds cell turnover – Medical researchers believe that the infusion of oxygen into the skin may help the skin create new cells at a faster pace. This increased cell regeneration helps speed the healing of facial scars, acne and blemishes.

No side effects- Unlike other more invasive anti-aging treatments like Botox or microdermabrasion, oxygen facials don’t cause any uncomfortable side effects like stinging, burning or redness. The process of delivering the oxygen and serum is quite gentle, which makes oxygen facials suitable for individuals with sensitive skin and for those who would rather avoid injections or chemical treatments. After an oxygen facial, you can resume normal activities immediately, even applying makeup and using your normal facial products.


Derma Genesis Microdermabrasion -$80

Microdermabrasion is a mechanical exfoliation that removes the uppermost layer of dead skin cells. This treatment is excellent for acne scarring, treating sun damaged skin, minimizing fine lines & wrinkles, removing excess oils, blackhead/whitehead removal, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores & more! Your esthetician will finish this treatment with a serum & custom organic masque that will leave your skin looking visibly softer, tighter, smoother & younger-looking, right after your first treatment! A series of 6 or more is recommended for optimal results.

Combine 2 Treatments each -$65

Combine 3 Treatments each -$60

Optional to every Treatments, Microdermabrasion -$80

We also offer Gift Certificates for NONE Spa Week Services

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Offer Good From 10/017/2017 - 10/24/2017


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