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Oxygen is an essential element for life. It is Oxygen time for the skin life. Pure white skin created by Oxygen bubble from Oxyjet Elixir Therapy.
Condensed fresh oxygen is fast absorbed to remove free radicals that cause aging, delivering hydrating nutrients at the same time enough to help the skin look clear.

The followings are highly recommended to use oxygen therapy
1. Pigmentation or Acne
2. Oxygen scaling for sebum, dead skin cell
3. Damaged skin by aging or UV

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Revolutionary New Technology Hydra facial with the Hydrogen cleanse infusion & lifting Now - $200


One of the main causes of aging is Free Radicals. Free radicals have been found to be the cause of premature skin aging, causing collagen cells to bond inappropriately, and therefore break down over time. As collagen and elastin break down, wrinkles begin to form.

Antioxidants help to prevent Free Radical Damage. Hydrogen is the smallest of the 4 major antioxidants. As smaller particles penetrate into the skin more easily, Hydrogen is the most effective antioxidant in the world. The Aquasure H2 creates and uses Hydrogen water which penetrates into the skin and REMOVES free radicals!

What is Hydrogen Therapy?

Step 1 - Hydrogen toning - Aquasure H2 infuses hydrogen water into our skin to remove free radicals and boost antioxidant activity, which helps anti-aging, inflammation, and other skin concerns.

Step 2 - Aqua Peel Exfoliation - Spiral Peeling function is a non-invasive exfoliation that cleanses, exfoliates, extracts and hydrates the skin safely and painlessly.

Srep 3 - Water Galvanic - assists with product penetration, moisturizes and brightens the skin.

Srep 4 - Microcurrent Stimulation) - Provides lifting and firming of the facial muscles.

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